Fashion Fix: Chelsea Flowers

RHS Chelsea Flower Show has started today and will remain open until the 25th of May. This year, the show is celebrating its centenary, with a historical theme showcasing designs inspired from the past 100 years. The Great Pavilion – one of the shows main attractions will play host to a display of 100 years in pictures. This display will capture how Chelsea style has evolved through the decades.


Now that we are nearing the end of May, our wardrobes, similar to Chelsea, will start to come into full bloom. Floral prints, brights, pastels, cotton and chiffon will take us to weddings, the races, barbecues, festivals and summer holidays. If you’re brave enough to go for a Givenchy inspired head-to-toe floral look – I’d opt for a small printed tropical pattern to avoid looking like a dated couch!

If you’re taking fashion inspiration from the Chelsea gardens and are looking for something that’s quintessentially English – you can’t go wrong with rose prints. To create a more retro look – take inspiration from exotic and tropical prints (I love pineapple prints – eh, are they even considered floral? Or just fruit and veg?).

I don’t think you’ve to be a girly girl go rock some flowers – you can give them a masculine edge with a boyfriend blazer or edge it up with leather and heavy embellishments. I love the ‘bloom’ pieces that Topshop have at the moment – they managed to avoid a dated Nana feel for something a bit more cool.

Slide1Shop the look HERE

Friday Favorites


1. I think Bourjois products are fantastic buys – I’ve yet to be disappointed with the brand. I’ve been loyal to Bourjois blush pots for years now because they last for ages, and in terms of quality and price, they can’t be beaten. More recently I’ve started using their nail polishes and I love them too (they’re supa shiny). In the picture I’m using ‘Ultra Shine So Laque in Hype Fuchsia’ and it cost me around €7.50 from Boots.


2. If your brave enough to try neon lips, you should give this Stila lipstick in ‘Fiore’ a go. These Stila lipsticks are great, they will stay in place for hours while keeping the lips nice and hydrated – I love them!


3. With April showers brings May flowers – May is finally here and I keep coming across beautiful wild flowers in the most unlikeliest of places!


4. Mashable is one of my favorite blogs/websites to click on to. This site is great for keeping up to date with digital innovation and other creative happenings from around the globe. My current discoveries are these 7 Apps for shopaholics – Kaleidoscope is my favorite.


5. I found this chopping-board on Pinterest recently – I think it’s amaze!! This is a novel idea and would be a great gift for someone like me, who tends to be a tad bit OCD when it comes to chopping veggies!!


6. Sweet potato fries and a skinny beach burger from Eddie Rockets will set the tone for my weekend – I can’t resist the tastiness.




Label Lust: Louis Vuitton S/S 13′

Sixties meets modernist – It’s all monochrome, A-lines and checkerboard prints.


Last October Marc Jacobs was one designer who ‘checked‘ all the boxes for Louis Vuitton with a geometric collection for s/s 13′. The collection was a throw back to the sixties with a modern twist! The models donned checker print inspired pieces with beehive styled hair and minimal accessories. Jacobs certainly knows how to put on a show – two at a time, models were carried down escalators, leading on to an oversized glass, yellow and white checked runway. How exciting?

This is the first time that Louis Vuitton decided not to incorporate the iconic monogram logo in the collection (which I think was a good thing – the LV logo can be over used and look kinda garish at times). The green pleated shift dress and the long sleeved white playsuit are two of my favorites from this collection.


Check patterns are now starting to trickle down through the designers and making their way on to the High Street. You can go bold with strong monochrome prints, or opt for something more subtle with contrasting materials rather than colours – like the Topshop A-line skirt seen below.

These are some of my favorites pieces that I’ve come across so far – I especially love the Zara draw-string shorts.


Beauty Blast: Healthy Skin

My skin is extremely disobedient, one minute its dry the next its oily and without any notice – boom, I have a breakout. This constant fluctuation  has made it incredibly difficult for me to enforce some discipline into my daily routine. As a result I’ve got two belligerent breakouts – one on my forehead and one on my chin (charming, I know). Since February I’ve been trying to clear these up (they are feisty). It’s only now, after many weeks, that I can notice a significant difference in the overall condition of my skin.

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The overall improvement of my skin is down to a few simple things. Firstly, I started drinking more water – gaawd, I can’t stress enough the difference a few extra glasses a day can make and it also prevents me from over eating! I’ve also started taking Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend Organic Omega 3, 6 & 9 Capsules and boy are they good. I’ve been reading about these capsules for a while now, but at a cost of €21 I was reluctant to make the purchase. If I’m honest, I never take supplements too seriously, they normally are a fad I’m going through at a given time. Saying this, I did end up buying a box of the capsules and I can honestly say they’re worth every penny.

What is Udo’s Oil anyway? Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a mixture of three high quality, certified organic, unrefined oils and seven other vital ingredients. If taken daily they’re supposed to help you achieve a glowing complexion, a healthy heart, supple joins and increased energy. Now, I’ve no idea how my heart is doing – it’s still beating, so I presume that’s a good thing. I’m 23, so my joints are still pretty sound, and if I’m honest I haven’t seen a dramatic increase in energy levels. I can however see a 100% difference in the condition of my skin. I very rarely say this about a product but it has been a charm to work with. It also comes in liquid form, which is cheaper than the capsules, but I find it gross taking oils orally.

Noting my stress levels have also reduced which helps settle my skin and I’ve started using a homemade face scrub which is working miracles. I mix honey, brown sugar, coconut oil and a little cinnamon and I use it every few days on a clean face. The coconut oil is really hydrating and the honey and cinnamon have great healing benefits. If you find you have some discoloration or red marks left from old spots add a squeeze of lemon juice to the mix it will help reduce the discoloration.

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